Certification in Bakery and Pastry Operations


Program Lead

Leonardo Roman


Food and Beverage 

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About the course

The course is developed for the aspirants who are willing to excel in Bakery and Pastry profession and do not possess formal training in the subject. This course will prepare aspirants with the basic skills and knowledge required to start a successful career in Bakery and Pastry Operation. The course is most suitable to the professional who enjoys working in Food and Beverage industry.


  • Fundamental Cooking skills

  • Basics of Bakery and Pastry

  • Fundamentals of Business Management

  • Marketing and Menu planning

  • Personal Management

  • IT: Trends and Technology

  • Effective Communication

  • People Management and UAE Values

Admission Requirements

  • Student must be genuinely passionate about the hospitality industry with true passion for culinary arts.
  • Fluent English (reading, writing and speaking)

* The institute reserves the right to accept or reject a candidate for any reason. The program content is subject to change.

Program Information

  • Mode of delivery: Face-to-face practical classes and online classes
  • Final assessment: Written exams and final projects.
  • Graduation requirements: 60%
  • Average student-teacher ratio: 6 students per 1 teacher
  • Duration of program: 80 hours


Students who successfully complete the program will be awarded with the Certificate in Restaurant, Bakery and Pastry Operations by HTMi, Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland.

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