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Training Certificate in Restaurant Business and Entrepreneurship


Program Leader

Benchaphan Phala


Business and Entrepreneurship


About the course

This course is developed for aspirants who are interested in the field of Restaurants or wanting to open their own Food & Beverage business but do not possess the formal
training in the subject or are looking to top up their knowledge. This course will prepare the participants skills, theoretical, and practical knowledge required to be successful in this industry.


• Food & Beverage Service
• Food & Beverage Cost Control
• Customer service in the Restaurant Business 
• Marketing & Menu Planning
• Leadership & People Management


  • What are the benefits of studying in Dubai?
    Dubai is a vibrant city with a variety of working opportunities. Being one of the world’s leading tourism destinations, the UAE job market has shown a rapid growth year over year. Receiving a world-famous Swiss hospitality education in Dubai will boost your future career.
  • What subjects will I learn in HTMi Switzerland Dubai?
    HTMi has a 20-year history of being in the top 5 Swiss Hospitality schools. You can expect a world-class curriculum, with courses covering Tourism, Food and Beverage Service, Cost Control, Culinary Arts, Hotel Operations, IT in Hospitality, and more. For specific modules, please consult the relevant program page on our website.
  • Am I eligible for a scholarship?
    During the enrollment process a student is required to submit all past educational and working experiences along with the application form. Based on past academic achievements, the HTMi Switzerland Dubai Academic Board may decide to provide a scholarship of 10-30 % off the tuition fee for the academic year. Apart from academic scholarships, HTMi Switzerland Dubai offers Industry scholarships and special rates for both UAE and Swiss Nationals.
  • I already have a previous education in the hospitality field. Can I enroll directly for the second year?
    Yes, there is a possibility to enter directly to second or third year of our programs. The decision on whether applicant is eligible for the direct entry will be taken by HTMi Academic Board after review of submitted documents. We require an up to date CV and relevant employment attestations, certificates, transcripts, etc. Please ask our admissions team for more information.
  • I am more of an introvert and do not feel myself to be a good communicator with people. Would this industry be a good fit for me?
    The Hospitality Industry has several career options that do not necessarily require an extroverted personality. For example there are departments in the back of the house where you could be working in support functions. Business Excellence, Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Housekeeping, are just some of the departments that may be suitable for you.
  • Is there an age limit to study at HTMi Switzerland Dubai?
    Students must be at least 17 years old to start studies in HTMi Switzerland Dubai, however if you are 16 years old, you can still apply and your enrollment date will be determined based on the next semester starting date and your date of birth.
  • Do I need to have prior education?
    You are eligible to enroll if you have successfully passed your High School Diploma. In case you have successfully passed the 10th standard, the Academic Board will review your application and you may be eligible for enrollment with a condition to complete selected foundation courses. If you don’t have prior education, but you do have number of years of professional industry experience your profile can also be considered.
  • Do I need IELTS to study at HTMi Switzerland Dubai?
    IELTS certificate is not compulsory for enrolling in our first year programs. However, you will be required to pass formal interview with admissions team in order to ensure that your English knowledge is up to academic requirements. For direct entry to a higher level program we will consider applications after a formal interview.
  • Do you guarantee internship placement after completion of the semester?
    Yes, HTMi Switzerland Dubai guarantees paid internship placement within the UAE upon successful completion of the academic semester. Internship placement is coordinated by HTMi Switzerland Dubai's Career Center.
  • How will HTMi Switzerland Dubai prepare me for the internship interviews?
    HTMi Switzerland Dubai has a Career Center with a purpose of helping each and every student to find the right internship in the UAE. Regular workshops are conducted to develop your communication skills, and to help you overcome any difficulties. You will be given guidance to build your CV, your LinkedIn profile and practice sessions are regularly held to demonstrate interview skills and increase your confidence.
  • I only want to work at XYZ company, can you guarantee that I will get my internship offer there?
    While our Career Center specialists are doing their best to accommodate all students’ requests and preferences, we cannot guarantee the placement in particular company, or in a particular role.
  • Can I find a full-time job instead of internship?
    An internship of 20-24 weeks is a mandatory part of the academic program and cannot be skipped. However, you can secure a full-time job while on internship, and the employer can officially offer you a full-time job position (and relevant visa, etc), you may be eligible to accept the job offer and start your career upon the internship completion. Please keep the HTMi Switzerland Dubai team informed of such decision.
  • What kind of jobs can I secure after completion of the program?
    Depending on the level of program you have completed, please take a look at your specific program on our website, and select "internship" towards the bottom of the page for more information.
  • Do you guarantee full-time placement after my graduation?
    80% of HTMi graduates secure their full-time job prior to graduation, and 95% of all graduates find a full-time job within the first 3 months after completing their studies. This shows our great commitment towards employability of our graduates.
  • Do I need to speak Arabic in order to work in UAE?
    UAE is famous for its diverse multi-cultural environment. The more languages you speak, the more opportunities will come on your career path. However, Arabic is not mandatory as English is the official business language in the UAE.
  • Will HTMi provide me the Visa?
    Yes, the legal way to study in Dubai as an international student is to be under HTMi Switzerland Dubai's sponsorship and obtain a 1-year student visa. HTMi Switzerland Dubai will take care of all administration for your student visa, however please note that the final decision, as within any country, is with the local Government.
  • What is the Visa procedure?
    Once you have paid both your registration fee to secure your studies, and the first tuition payment with HTMi Switzerland Dubai, our enrollment team will submit your documents to the Dubai Immigration department. The entry permit is usually issued by them within 1-2 weeks. Once you arrive to Dubai, and during your orientation week with HTMi Switzerland Dubai, you will be required to go for a medical fitness test and biometric scan with the Government office. Once you pass the medical fitness test and the biometric scan, your student residence visa will be issued.
  • How about health insurance?
    Health insurance is mandatory in order to obtain your student visa. HTMi Switzerland Dubai provides a basic health insurance for the duration of your studies, however if you prefer to select your own health insurance you are free to do so, there are many competitive health insurance packages available in the UAE.
  • I am currently working in UAE and would like to remain under the company’s visa. Can I still study full-time?
    Yes, in case you opt to stay under employer’s sponsorship, HTMi Switzerland Dubai will require a NOC letter from the company along with other required admissions documents.
  • My family members will stay with me while I am studying. Can they stay under my visa?
    A UAE student visa does not allow sponsorship for any dependents. Your family members would need to get residence visa via their own means.

40 Hrs over 3 weeks

Course intakes in March 2024 or May 2024

AED 2,900

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