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At the conclusion of the program, students will be able to: 

  • Combine an understanding of a range of practical, theoretical and personal skills required for professional management roles within a variety of international hotel and tourism organisations. 

  • Synthesise strategic, human resource and marketing processes of a commercial hospitality enterprise within the context of the global nature of the business.

  • Cultivate a professional management attitude by nurturing corporate culture and social responsibility to add value to an organisation.

  • Confidently debate, research and synthesise theories 


  • Event Management

  • Tourism Planning, Development & Management

  • Strategic Management in Hospitality

  • Service Marketing Management

  • Leadership and Business Performance

  • Events Project

General Admission Requirements

  • Student must be 18+ years old and genuinely passionate about the hospitality industry with true passion for culinary arts.
  • Student must hold a diploma level qualification from HTMi or other internationally recognized hospitality management or culinary arts institute.
  • Student requires to have English Scores: TOEFL 450 or IELTS 5 or EMSAT 1100 or equivalent.
  • Students with industry background or prior education in this filed are treated case by case.
* The institute reserves the right to accept or reject a candidate for any reason. The program content is subject to change.

Program Information

  • Mode of delivery: Face-to-face practical classes, online classes, tutorials, lectures, presentations, assessments, project based assignments, and applied learning.
  • Final assessment: Written exams and final projects.
  • Graduation requirements: 60%
  • Average student-teacher ratio: 12 students per 1 teacher
  • Duration of program: Academic Study: 20 Weeks and Work Placement / Internship: 20-24 Weeks


Students who successfully complete the program (academic study and work placement/internship) will be awarded with the Higher Diploma in International Culinary Arts by HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland.
Higher diploma graduates can continue on to the Bachelor in International Culinary Arts program in Swiss campus.

Certificate in International Hotel and Tourism Operations
Programme Progression

Bachelor, BA Degree in international Hospitality and Events Management

 Postgraduate Diploma in International Hotel Events Management  

MSc International Hospitality and Events Management  
Swiss Campus

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