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Online Admission

We accept applications throughout the year.  Our institute has two intakes that are open each yeah in February and September. We highly encourage all applicants to consult our admissions team before starting the application process to ensure complete awareness of the program details, tuition fees and administration requirements. We welcome parents too to meet our team on campus or join a zoom call for an admissions consultation. We conduct regular open day events on campus and in our training kitchen where prospective students are welcome to meet our faculty members to get a taste of the HTMi student experience.

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Admissions Interview

  • After submission of required documents and enrollment form, your application will be reviewed by our Academic Board

  • You will then receive an email from our admission team with further instructions on how to book an interview appointment

  • The interview will be conducted via video conference call and might be done by more than one HTMi representatives

  • The interview will be scheduled within 2-3 working days from the day of your application


While preparing for your interview:

  • Set up your calling station and be ready 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time

  • Be yourself and act naturally. However, do not forget about professional image that you will demonstrate during your interview

  • Do some research about the Institute and about the industry that you are about to choose as your future career field

  • Learn more about the place where you are about to study: go through the official website of Dubai to discover more information about this vibrant city and to understand the culture of UAE

  • If you are applying for the Higher Diploma in International Culinary Arts program, expect to have some questions on the basics of cooking from the interviewer


On the day of the interview:

  • The average time for admission interview is 30 minutes. 

  • In order to secure smooth and stable connection, ensure you choose the spot with the strongest internet coverage for your video call

  • Fix your gadget (smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC) to avoid shaking image or any other distractions for the interviewer

  • Avoid crowded places with strong noise at the background and use a headset with microphone for a better calling experience.

  • Make sure there are no distracting objects behind you and the background looks overall professional (plain wall will be the best choice)

  • Ensure professional grooming and smart attire. Remember that the first impression is always the strongest one and can be both positive and negative. We recommend wearing business wear as it gives sense of self-confidence to the presenter

  • Keep a copy of your educational certificates and updated CV in case if you will be asked for some clarifications

  • Do not hesitate to ask interviewer to repeat if something was unclear

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