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HTMi Switzerland Dubai 

HTMi Switzerland Dubai is situated in the Studio One Hotel, a stylish boutique hotel with unique décor located in the communal hub of Studio City, Dubai. The hotel provides a vibrant and creative environment in a convenient location, ensuring easy commuting and increased connectivity for all students. 

The campus has been designed with your needs in mind. It features modern facilities, cutting-edge technology, and enhanced resources to support your learning and personal growth. From spacious classrooms, an advanced training kitchen, to vibrant common areas and recreational spaces, every aspect of the campus has been meticulously crafted to provide an enriching and inspiring environment for you.

Campus Features:

Our campus serves as one hub for both Hospitality and Culinary program students.

Modern Facilities:


Our campus boasts modern and well-equipped facilities to support various academic disciplines. These include advanced classrooms, meeting/event spaces, and a cinema room.

Collaborative Spaces:


To encourage collaboration and interaction among students, faculty, and staff, the campus is provided with dedicated spaces for group work and meetings. These spaces include study lounges, communal areas, project rooms, and collaborative workstations to facilitate teamwork.

On Campus Training Kitchen:


Our brand new training kitchen is a crucial component of Culinary Arts education, providing students with hands-on experience and practical skills development. We have made sure that our training kitchen can hold both practical and theory classes & workshops, and serves as photo lab for product training.

Recreational Facilities:


Our well-rounded campus experience includes recreational facilities for students who stay within the onsite accommodation facilities to support physical and mental well-being. These include a fitness center, swimming pool, and a games area. 

Dining Facilities:


Varied options are essential for students, faculty, and staff. Our campus has a variety of dining facilities, including cafeterias, coffee shops, and restaurants with special discounts.  The Studio One Hotel is well known as the dining and entertainment destination in Studio City.



Our campus is located in the budget & family-friendly neighborhood of Dubai Studio City. Featuring convenient access to affordable supermarkets, hair & beauty salons, restaurants, a pharmacy, printing shop, and a florist which are all within walking distance. 

Public Transportation:


With a convenient proximity to public transportation including a regular RTA bus that has a frequent schedule to the nearest metro station, all within a 5 mins walking distance from campus. There is also a taxi stand outside the front door of the hotel and plenty of complimentary parking nearby.