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Certificate in International Hotel and Tourism Operations


Lead Instructor

Benchaphan Phala



students wearing suit attending their lecture

At the conclusion of the program, students will be able to: 

  • Demonstrate knowledge and practical skills and competencies required for successful operational roles within Food and Beverage areas of an international hotel and tourism organisation.

  • Understand the nature of tourism, the fundamentals of the commercial hospitality enterprise and the key financial issues.

  • Use English language skills in an operational setting.

  • Demonstrate information technology and study skills at the appropriate level.


  • Food & Beverage Service (Theory & Practical)

  • Culinary (Theory & Practical)

  • Introduction to Hospitality Management

  • Hospitality Enterprise Project 1.

  • English for Academic Purposes 1.

  • Tourism Studies

  • UAE Hospitality and Culture

  • Information Technology

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