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A day in our kitchen..

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

For Umaima Badri, being in the kitchen has always been a passion and a means of pure joy..

Coming to HTMi Switzerland Dubai has opened new avenues for her to not only nurture her passion but also turn it into a promising career. She is currently enrolled in the Higher Diploma in International Culinary Arts.

“This program covers everything from creative culinary projects to food supervision. The instructors have designed the courses in a way that brings out the necessary skills and creativity that is expected of culinary students. There is a balance of theoretical and practical classes, so all bases are covered here. For you to get a better picture of what we’re talking about, let’s take a look into a day with her as a culinary student.”

A regular day in the kitchen starts early in the morning. Getting ready for the day begins with the correct attire and attitude! And since we are in the process of preparing, it’s the right time to prepare for the menu planned for the day. The right ingredients measured correctly are just as important. After a briefing with Chef Wayne Gebhardt, a seasoned chef with about 40 years of experience, the students get to work. Whatever the students are about to create is a result of having practiced various skills, in-depth theory of flavour profiles, textures and temperatures and of course food safety and hygiene. The students come up with several ideas on how to pair various skills, flavours and a whole lot of creativity.

If we pick out just one dish off the menu, it is important to understand that there are several elements to it. For example, a chicken roulade is made with different layers of minced chicken, stuffed with vegetables and/or other meat. Umaima and her classmates went ahead and added pureed chicken and an additional layer of olive tapenade to add extra flavour, texture, and rich black colour to the roulade. On the side, a beautiful pumpkin puree was prepared along with roasted vegetables and some pickled beetroot and radish. While plating, an added touch of elegance was given with a parmesan tuille. The result? A work of art. Bon appetit!

It is by coming up with such ideas and bringing them to the realization that the culinary students get a chance to hone their skills. Umaima and her classmates work tirelessly to get the techniques, flavours and plating just right. They sometimes work in teams or individually based on the type, of course, they are making. Once everything is ready, it’s time to bring out the camera! Since Umaima personally enjoys photography, there is an added value to both the creation and the pictures being taken. What the students make in the kitchen is put up on the stories of HTMi Switzerland Dubai’s Instagram account. Be sure to check them out! Until the next time, these guys make something mouth-watering, we wish them all the very best for their future!

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